About us

Everything we do, we do with passion.

Ever since 2016, we enchant our guests with our breakfasts and cakes, and phenomenal coffee in beautiful Dresden, between the famous Frauenkirche and Großer Garten.

Our cakes and waffles are housemade with love, our coffee specialties are freshly brewed and frothed with our portafilter machine.

We attach great importance to regional partnerships to support our home region. This way we also make sure that you will only get best quality products dishes.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why everyone can find their personal perfect start in the day at our café.

Whatever you like, if it is classic breakfasts with buns and cheese, healthy superfoods, or vegan banana bread or Bircher muesli.

Even if you are not a morning person or like to get up late, it is no problem, all our breakfast options are available until 5pm.


Whenever possible we are working with regional distributors and producers. By using local ingredients we want to underline our regional connectivity and support local economy.

And honestly, when you know that the honey is produced by beekeeper Franz and when you have already seen the bees ‘working’, your bun with this honey surely tastes twice as good.


Great cakes have to have a soul. That is why grandma’s cakes always taste the best. For that reason we also bake all cakes ourselves; no mass production, in a quaint oven in our kitchen.

Fudge Brownie, Kirsch-Zupfkuchen, Cheesecakes made after American recipes, vegan cakes enjoyed by all, and of course our legendary Carrot Cake…

Everyone can find their sweet temptation in our cake counter.